Our Story

1st Generation Farmers since 2017

Finca Telereta's pistachios are the result of the effort, hard work, and passion of our family, a family that, after having lived in Shanghai, China, decided to return to the village, return to their roots and start this life project in the countryside, betting on the agricultural and livestock sector and life in the rural world.

Landing in Parada de Rubiales

Where we found the farm that would be the base of our pistachio project and family life. We started to work little by little, accompanied by our family and friends.

Before starting the plantation, we visited the San Joaquin Valley in California, the birthplace of pistachio cultivars. There we learned a lot about how we wanted and should start our planting project. We took guidelines and advice from great growers and experts, such as Dr. Louise Ferguson, which we have later applied (and continue to apply) in our pistachio orchard, achieving great results. Thanks for everything!

We Began Planting our Pistachio Trees

Along with the help of our family and friends from Parada de Rubiales and many other places. We invited everyone who wanted to do their bit on the farm, making our agricultural project a social and educational project as well.

They Start to Grow

The little trees were starting to get bigger and bigger, but the waiting continued. At home, we worked all year long (and with a lot of patience and love) to take care of each tree as it deserved. We knew that there were still 3 or 4 years to go before we could do our first harvest, but we were looking forward to it.

Pandemic Year

The COVID-19 pandemic arrived, a pandemic that had big consequences, both good and bad. It seemed that the older of the two sisters, Pilar, began to like this farming thing, and began her studies in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Salamanca, with the aim of dedicating herself to the farm and learning more about the cultivation of pistachios from a more technical point of view. In the meantime, the trees went from being simple sticks to small trunks with more and more branches and leaves. In fact, this year we even saw some pistachios!

We Keep Learning about Pistachios

Our little trees continued to grow and in turn, our curiosity to learn more about them and tell the world about this crop. This year Marta, the mommy of the house, started her PhD at the University of Salamanca, based on the study of pistachio allelopathy effects and the benefits of their nutrients for our diet. She published her first article of which we leave you the link below: https://www.mdpi.com/1564582


This year also saw the birth of the AgriPilar project on social media (if you want to follow her, @agripilar in all social networks). With her publications, Pilar and the rest of the family wanted to inform the world about pistachio cultivation and about life in the countryside and in the agricultural and livestock sector in general.

Our First Harvest

Finally, after much waiting, patience and work, our FIRST HARVEST arrived! (Which by the way, we also did with the help of our family and friends). Tree by tree, vibrating here and there, peeling and drying. This is how we spent our month of October, with a lot of excitement and satisfaction to see how our work of so many years began to bear fruit (never better said!!) As the harvest progressed, the Agris (@agripilar’s followers on social media) showed us great support through social networks and by placing their pistachio orders. Thank you all for supporting our work!

2023's Harvest

One year later, the saplings have had a big growth spurt this winter, and this year's production promised a lot. In addition, this harvest has brought with it some very cool experiences! We had the opportunity to count on a spectacular piece of machinery for this year's harvest: the Antonio Carraro TRG 8900 R tractor to which the Arcusin Autopick umbrella harvester was attached. During the days of the harvest, we have been able to make all kinds of tests with this machinery, being fascinated by the efficiency of work of both the machines and the technical team 🙂 One more year, Finca Telereta's pistachios bring us all together to continue working and growing!