The Farmer’s Kilogram

The primary sector, farmers, ranchers and fishermen in Spain, are currently experiencing a critical situation for the future of our businesses and farms. The imposition of more and more bureaucratic obstacles and laws that ensure environmental sustainability but not our economic sustainability, resulting in a worrying lack of generational replacement and the closure of many of our farms has led us to take to the streets, to demonstrate that we want to claim our rights as farm workers and to save the future of our sector.

Despite the fact that most of our protests have been peaceful and previously organized and agreed upon, we find that many of our colleagues have been legally affected by exercising their constitutional right to protest, facing worrying fines with which they try to put an end to our struggle, frighten us and/or push us back. From Telereta Farms we ask for the support of all citizens who want to help us in this struggle to continue feeding society.

For all these reasons, we have decided to create “The Farmer’s Kilogram”. This new product is a kg of All-Natural Pistachios of our production, like any other. The difference between this product and the rest of our store, is that we have increased its price by 20%, finally costing 18 euros. When you place your order you will receive your kg of pistachio as if you were buying the usual, but then why have we increased it’s price? Because those 15 + 3 euros will be used to pay the fines of those farmers and ranchers who are in the streets fighting. From Telereta Farms we will give 15 euros, you donate 3 (or if you want to donate more, write us an email and we will tell you how to do it) to support those who are giving their lives to save the food of all and food sovereignty of this country. Our goal is to raise at least 1800 euros, will you help us make it?